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Insurance Planning

Are you uncertain whether or not you have adequate life insurance coverage or are contemplating purchasing new or additional insurance? One of our professionals at CanWealth will guide you through the insurance maze. Call us for your free no obligation evaluation.

Critical Illness Insurance

How would you cope if you were diagnosed with a Critical Illness? If you had Critical Illness coverage you would be able to concentrate on what is important... your health. This specialty insurance will pay you when you are still living, 31 days after a diagnosis of any one of 22 Critical Illnesses. Examples of the covered illnesses are Cancer, Heart Attack, and Stroke. Call us today to find out more about this unique product. Coverage available from ages 0 - 65. (more info)

Disability Insurance

How would you cope if you became disabled?

Long Term Care Insurance

Have your family members or friends ever needed home care or have been placed in a long term care facility? If so, and you are age 40 and over this coverage will compensate you tax free if you are in need of home care or facility care.


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