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With over 20 years experience and access to a full range of investment and insurance products our personable and experienced representatives will help you to secure your financial future.

RESP's - Registered Education Savings Plans
At CanWealth we have a wide variety of education plans to help you save for your child's education. With increasing educational costs will you be prepared when your child is ready to attend College or University? Stop worrying and start saving now! For more information please call us for a free brochure.

RRSP's - Registered Retirement Savings Plan
We have access to a full range of RRSP and RIF products. CanWealth is an authorized distributor of T.D. Segregated Funds. Call us now to review your current RRSP portfolio at no cost.

Investment Planning
We take pride in helping our clients build wealth and formulate an achievable financial plan.

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Travel Insurance


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